Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Lansium domesticum var. duku

Lansium domesticum is a complicated species of trees of the  Meliaceae family. It originated throughout the entire Southeast Asian region.  The plant differs from place to place, thus numerous varieties, impossible even for one botanist/horticulturist to identify one.  The vast varieties of Lansium domesticum often lead to some botanist to differentiate them as different species. 

Overall, there are 2 main varieties : duku and langsat.  In addition, there are also mixed duku-langsat varieties.

The fruit are borne in cluster.  Fruit can be elliptical, oval or round, measuring 2 to 7 cm in diameter.  The skin can be smooth or rough, with skin thickness varies with the varieties.   The fruit contains 1 to 3 seeds, flat, and bitter tasting.  The seeds are covered with clear-white aril that tastes sweet and sour. 

This is a variety of duku brought by KeeSiong from his hometown Malacca.  The fruit range from 2 to 5 cm in diameter.  The skin are orangey, a bit rough-textured, and is enormously thick.   In the end, what makes me conclude it’s a duku is the sweet and sour taste.  Its definitely a duku