Thursday, 12 May 2016

Dicranopteris linearis - Resam

Dicranopteris linearis is a species of fern known as Resam ( in Malay ) or Old World forked fern, besides many other common names.  It is one of the most widely distributed ferns of the Old World tropics.

It grows easily on poorly drained, nutrient-poor soils and in disturbed habitat and steep slopes with open-canopy.  Thus making it a pioneer species on primary successional sites such as landslides, road-cuts, abandoned logging decks, post-agricultural sites, degraded forest lands etc.   Once established, D. linearis persist for a long time but is eventually shaded out by overtopping trees.

This fern spread via rhizome, capable to form thickets 3 meters thick or more.  The stems are very slow to decompose, thus may poses fire hazard during dry season.


Russell, A. E., et al. (1998). The ecology of the climbing fern Dicranopteris linearis on windward Mauna Loa, Hawaii. Journal of Ecology 86 765.