Thursday, 6 October 2011

Stenochlaena palustris - Miding

Miding is Stenochlaena palustris, a fern of the Blechnaceae family.

It is rhizomatous and epiphytic perennial, commonly found in fresh water and peat swamps, as well in secondary jungle.

The young frond tips, with or without open leaves are consumed as vegetable.  The frond colour varies from light green to dark green.  Red shaded leaves means malnutrition or unfavourable environment.

Stenochlaena palustris can be propagated from the spores.  Stem cutting with 4-6 nodes and some leaves are also used.  Rhizomatous stem can also be used.
Miding grows well on moist or irrigated soil.
It is very sensitive to herbicides.
Pests and diseases are not common, thus pesticides application is necessary.
Pruning of old fronds may promote new growth.
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