Friday, 2 December 2011

Green Product : String - Musa x paradisiaca

Banana fruits only once.  That’s the way it is.   Takkan pisang berbuah dua kali, that’s the local Malay proverbs means ‘having good fortune more than once’.

After fruiting, the banana plant is fell.  It would be a waste of fertilizer to have a non-fruiting stand.  The fallen trunk will soon decayed into organic matter.

For those lived through 1980s and older, before the use of raffia strings, groceries are tied in Cyperus strings , and occasionally banana strings.

I tried to re-fabricate the time forgotten banana string.  Who knows, it will make a comeback.

First, chop the trunk into a 1.5-2.0m length , then peel the banana trunk till the core.  The sheaths are carefully julienne into a 5mm width strings.  Then the strings are hang to dry.   Once they are dried, it’s done !

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