Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ongrizinal Lorry Low-Loader

1-tonne tipper lorry is a very useful machine for a urban landscaper like myself, working within a township.  It is easy to maneuver, cheap to maintain and very fuel economic too.   Yet, it still has limitation.

I hope it have a detachable trailer.  The trailer should not be too high from ground level, light yet durable, and can easily fit into lorry’s back carriage ( to carry to other sites ).

But, in reality, it don’t have a trailer.  Can’t even find one in the market!  So, I improvised.

First, I put 2 holes on one end of a 4’ x 8’ x 12mm plywood, 
then pass a rope through the holes. 

The plywood is place on ground and cow grass is unloaded onto it, 
from supplier’s 10-tonne tipper lorry.  
If the trailer is too high from the ground, 
unloading from 10-tonne tipper lorry would be a hassle, 
maybe even impossible.

Previously, the grass was unloaded on ground,  
and workers had to manually uploaded them onto 1-tonne lorry, 
to send to designated planting areas.  
The double-handling was a waste of time and energy.

Then the rope is then secured to the rear of 1-tonne lorry.

As the lorry pull the plywood, 
workers unload the grass on designated areas.   

It is a bit hard to pull due to the friction and the weight of the grass.
The plywood will surely damaged after the task. 
If only the plywood is attached to a metal frame with wheels.

A whole-day task completed in 2 hours !   

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