Saturday, 1 December 2012

Nymphaeaceae vs Nelumbonaceae

taxonomic position
angiosperms | Nymphaeales
angiosperms | eudicots | Proteales
Genera (species)
Barclaya (4), Euryale (1), Nuphar (11), Nympahea (33), Ondinea (1), Victoria (3)
Nelumbo (2)
temperate, tropical

botanical description
Root rhizome, sometime tuberous, latex, scattered vascular bundles.
Root rhizome stolonous with air chambers.
Leaves ovate, peltate, margin entire to spinose-dentate; floating, up to 300cmÆ,  submersed or emersed.
Leaves circular, peltate, slightly haired, margin entire, up to 60cm Æ, above water. 
Flower solitary, radial, bisexual, protogynous, diurnal or nocturnal, submersed or above water, termoregulated, entomophily, up to 40cmÆ; pistil 1, 3-35 carpellate.

Flowers solitary, radial, bisexual, protogynous, diurnal, fragrant, above water, termoregulated, entomophily, up to 25cmÆ; pistils numerous, 1-carpellate, large carpellary receptacle.
Fruit berry, nut or capsule; dehiscent or indehiscent..
Fruit conical pod, spongy, indehiscent, seeds in cavities.
Seeds numerous; aril present or absent; endosperm sparse; perisperm abundant; cotyledons 2, fleshy.
Seeds without aril, endosperm and perisperm; cotyledons 2, fleshy.
Pollen monoaperturate

Pollen triaperturate

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