Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lake Kenyir

Upon the completion of the Sultan Mahumd Hydro-electric Power Station in 1985, Terengganu’s interior water catchment rose, transforming valley into lake, and hilltops into islands. 

Spanning over 209,000 hectares, Lake Kenyir is the largest man-made lake in SEA, stretching as far west as Kelantan and south to Pahang.   Lake Kenyir was named after the Kenyir River, one of the rivers that rose due to the  construction of Jenagor Dam.

Over 340 islands throughout the lake, Chergau Island is the largest island, which also stand the highest peak, Mount Chergau.  Other islands include Bayas, Sumas, Jelatang, Batu Pipit, and many others.

Limestones hills in Kenyir Lake hose two great caves.  Taat Cave is popular for ist stalactites and stalagmites.  Bewah Cave is treasured for its artifacts dated back to Stone Age, and skeletal remains  dated to be 16,000 years old, the oldest skeleton ever found in Malaysia.  Both caves located some 2 hours boat ride from Gawi Jetty.

Parks & Gardens
Butterfly Park located on Lubuk Geras Island,  houses over 100 species of butterfly include the Rajah Brooks and Golden Birdwings.
Herbal Park located on Sah Kecil Island,  houses more than  200 traditional herbal species.
Bird Park located on Mati Island, , houses over 153 species of birds.
Orchid Garden located across 3 islands : Hulu Selimbar Island, Hilir Selimbar Island and Belit Islantd.
Tropical Garden located on 2 lslands : Tekak Besar Island and Sg Tekak Island.

Sg Petang Kelah Sanctuary open to visitors from March to October, gazetted for the protection, preservation and reproduction of the kelah fish ( Tor tambroides ).

Kenyir Elephant Camp located at Telemong River, set up by PERIHITAN, KETENGAH and Terengganu state government, the camp is a center for elephant translocation.
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