Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Artificial Grass @ Inspire

It Is Obviously Not Obvious

Artificial grass is an innovative product substituting natural grass, that can be used on a long term basis. With its equally natural appearance, artificial grass is not only beautiful but also more practical when it comes to maintenance and landscaping.
Usually used for sports fields, golf courses, residential and business compounds, artificial grass allows landscape lovers to enjoy perfectly maintained grass all year round, regardless of the weather condition.

The texture of artificial grass is soft yet tough, making it comfortable to walk on even without footwear. Because of its toughness, artificial grass is able to endure the weight of heavy objects without leaving any dry patches or discolouration. Most artificial grass are treated with a UV inhibitor which helps to shield it from drastic fading and degradation caused by UV.

Using artificial grass is a smart choice because it requires minimal maintenance, making it unnecessary to mow, trim or fertilise. It is also environmental friendly as there is no need for harmful pesticides and it does not require any watering, which helps save water as well.

Some of the advantages of using artificial grass are:-

Ö  Long lasting and the colour does not fade easily.
Ö Easy to install.
Ö  Safe for both children and pets.
Ö  More hygienic as it does not require dirt or mud.
Ö  Suitable alternative in areas with little or no sunlight.
Ö  Excellent for swimming pool areas as it is non-slippery.

Le Grassi
Measuring at a height of 40mm, Le Grassi is denser and more compact, making it suitable for use in an indoor setting or padding a safe children-friendly playground.

Height:40mm  Gauge:3/8"      Stitch Rate:18(±2) stitches, with a 10cm width

Le Meadow
The measurement for Le Meadow is 36mm and is suitable for outdoor landscaping. It can be used in residential or business compounds, giving it an aesthetic look and creates a scenery that is pleasing to the eye.

Height:36mm  Gauge:3/8"      Stitch Rate:12(±2) stitches, with a 10cm width

Le Uniq
Specially designed with a U-shaped yarn and a green curl yarn, Le Uniq is ultra flexible and is ideal for landscaping and gardening. The U-shaped yarn gives Le Uniq a tougher characteristic, allowing it to stand upright compared to other types of artificial grass.

Height:30mm  Gauge:3/8"      Stitch Rate:18(±2) stitches, with a 10cm width

Le Clubio
Being 12mm in height, Le Clubio is best used for putting and mini golf courses. Its short and neatly groomed nature makes it easier for golf balls to roll a longer distance, giving golfers a more enjoyable golfing experience.


Height:12mm  Gauge:4.5mm  Stitch Rate:20(±3) stitches, with a 10cm width
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