Saturday, 26 April 2014

Shrub Trimming with Brush Cuttter

Amidst the pressing draught of labour, every task and worker are closely monitored to ensure maximum productivity.  

A brush cutter is designed for trimming and cutting grass and brush.  Yet, in Malaysia, we seldom see a brush cutter being used to trimming brush / bushes / shrubs / scrub / thicket.  

Thus, brush cutters were used in trimming several shrubs, e.g. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, Ixora javanica, Bougainvillea  glabra etc.   The result was fantastically fast.   Time spent on trimming was cut half !   The task would be even faster when the workers familiarized themselves with the machine. 

The ideal height of the shrubs should be around or less than 1 meter.  Otherwise, an elevated platform is required, which is very inconvenience, dangerous and time-dragging.

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