Sunday, 3 January 2016

Jambu Epal... New Variety? Old Gimmick !

The ‘new variety’ of Jambu had been in the market for few years, but still many are not aware of its existence.

Visitors to Cameron Highlands will surely encounter this fruit at either Kea Farm or Brinchang night market.  Priced for a hefty RM10 for 3, it come in two attractive colours: Fuji-apple-red and granny-smith-green, vacuum packed in clear PE bags. 

Consumers Association of Penang ( CAP ) had in 2007 warned the public about this ‘new variety’ of guava.   According to CAP, the guava was actually normal jambu batu berbiji ( Psidium guajava ), peeled, soaked in coloured sugar solution.  The coloring agent used are E133 Brilliant Blue and E102 Tartrazine for the light green colour; and E122 Carmoisine for Fuji-apple red respectively.

The product is correctly labeled as ‘Jambu Jeruk’.  However, information on coloring agent is Ec177, which is non-existence.  Also, E509 Calcium Chloride is used.

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