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Pesticide is any substance or mixture of substances intended for preventing, destroying, repelling or mitigating any pest. A pesticide may be a poisonous chemical, chemo sterilants, attractants, repellent, defoliants, desiccants, growth regulators, biological agent, antimicrobial, disinfectant or device used against any pest.

Pest include insect, plant pathogens, weeds, mollusks, birds, mammals, fish, nematodes, and microbes that destroy property , spread disease or are a vector for disease or cause a nuisance.

Pesticide can be classified by : target organism ( fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, algaecides, avicides, bactericides, miticides, molluscicides, nematicides, rodenticides, virucides, etc ) ; chemical structure ( organochlorines, organophosphates, carbamates, etc ) ; formulation ( aqueous solution, aerosol, bait, concentrated emulsion, dust, emulsion, wetable powder, granular etc ) ; biological mechanism ( systemic, contact, etc ) ; inorganic, synthetic, biological, etc

Toxicity Class


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Akta Racun Makhluk Perosak 1974 ( AKTA 149 ) ( Pesticide Act 1974 ) states that Lembaga Racun Makhluk Perosak ( Pesticide Board ) is responsible for regulate the manufacture, import, registration and issuance of permit for pesticides in Malayisa.


The following information can be found on a pesticides’ label:

trade name, eg. Paranox 13 ®

registrant, eg. Farmcochem Sdn Bhd

type of pesticide, eg. Herbicide

active ingredient & concentration, eg. Paraquat dichloride 13% w/w

formulation, eg. Soluble Concentrate ( SL )

LRMP registration no, eg. LRMP.R1/7854

toxicity class, eg. Kelas Ib

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