Friday, 5 November 2010

Expedition to Klang Gates Quartz Ridge

Klang Gates Quartz Ridge is the home to 5 endemic plant species :
Eulalia milsumi, Aleisanthia rupestris, Ilex praetermissa, Borreria pilulifera, and Henckelia primulina.


This is Aleisanthia rupestris. 
The flower seems yet to fully bloom, later in the day perhaps.

This elegant tree dominates the top of the ridge.
This pine-look tree even have needle-like leaves,
if not of its tiny white flowers, I would have mistakenly them as a pine or a pine-allied.
Its a Baeckea frutescens

These pink flowered trees grow abundantly at the top.
Nice, isn't it ?

a lone ferm struggling on a rock

a Poaceae spikelets

a tiny Arachis sp. / Zornia sp. ???

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