Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Durian Knife

A durian knife is a specialty knife, probably found only in Malaysia.  It is a specially designed knife, for non-other than opening the hard-thorny husk of the king of fruits – durians!

The knife can be found in some hardware stores, priced around RM20/- each.  It is hastily carved out of a thick metal, sharpened at the edge and at other end curved into a handle.  Nevertheless, in a skilled hand, it is very efficient in cracking open any durian with just a few blow.

Just a blow to the crack-lines at the button of the fruit, follow with a twist and voilà - the prized arils nicely arranged in the compartments.  For the stubborn fruits, a few blows along the crack-lines, and then ply open via strong hands.  

Some customers enjoy the opening of the fruit at the comfort of their home, yet doubtful of the quality of the flesh within.  It is, after all an expensive fruit, and nobody can really see through the thick thorny husk.  So the vendor would, with the durian knife, with 2 precise blows, make a v-shaped cut obove the aril, then lift the v-cut to allow the customers to feel the flesh with their fingers.  Satisfied over the soft arils, the money change hands !

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