Sunday, 22 January 2017

Garcinia parvifolia - kundong

Kundong ( Sarawak Iban ) is Garcinia parvifolia, a member of the Clusiaceae family.  The specific name, parvifolia, refers to its small leaf; while Garcinia is named after a French botanist Laurent Garcin.

Native to the Malesia ecozone, the fruit is highly esteemed in Sarawak.  Naturally grown in primary and secondary rainforest, it can be propagated by seeds.  The tree is sometimes planted as ornamental in parks and gardens.

The fruit is round to elliptic, up to 40mm in diameter.  Brilliant red in colour, with 1-8 seeds covered in white, succulent, sweet pulp. 

The fruit is consumed raw or cooked.  It has a juicy, white pulp with a delicious sweet-tart flavor, almost similar of its cousin mangosteen ( Garcinia mangostana ). 

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