Monday, 9 January 2017

Landscape : Curbing the Curbs 3

If the main role of road curbs are to keep vehicles on the road, and preventing them off the green area and especially walkway, then it can be easily replaced with guardrails. 

In Malaysian environment, weather is a nuisance. There are times when it rains so heavily, causing flash floods ; and there are also times when there is not a single drop of rain for weeks. 

Cambered asphaltic concrete road (A) allows fast flow of water off the road surface.  If the surface water are directed straight to the drain (C), there will be minimal water seepage through the green area.

However, if the green areas are designed conclave to trap water (B), not too much of course, just enough for some water to seep into the ground and thus more water available for trees and shrubs. 

The water from watering tank during dry spell too will be more effectively seep into the soil, mineral soils especially. In addition, it also trap the fertilizer from being easily washed away.

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